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Way To Wealth


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The No-Brainer Roth Savers

Luke DeBoer, CFP®

I want your retirement to be awesome, I really do. Most of the inputs in getting you to an awesome retirement is going to be as a result of your actions, namely you turning your time and energy into money (otherwise known as work) and then turning some of that into capital (or savings, for the lay-person). From there we try to maximize it by growing it via investing and then, finally, keeping Uncle Sam at bay by legally limiting your tax liabilities. These two items are where many need assistance.

So to back up, how you save matters because taxes matter because taxes impact how much you actually get to spend (or give). Your decision on how to save and invest today could realistically impact your annual take-home income by 3%, 5%, 10%, or, with really careful planning, even more! If your income was otherwise going to be $60,000 in retirement and you can add 5% that ends up being an extra $3,000 for you to enrich your and/or other people's lives. Think about it, that's a nice weekly get-away to somewhere warm during the cold winter of January ... or ... April (sigh), every single year. 

This. Topic. Matters.


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