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1043 Meadow Lane
Waconia, MN, 55387
United States


Certified Financial Planner™ 


Investment Management

Future You = Richer You

Why Invest with The Financial Planning Co.?

The Financial Planning Co. is a fee-only investment adviser who has taken a voluntary Fiduciary Oath. The means that there won’t be any conflicted product sales or funny business like you’ll find with most other “Financial Advisers.” Put another way, we’re looking out for your best interests.


What’s important to you in investing? Want to keep fees as low as possible but still have professional management? We have a solution for that. Want to filter cultural, political, or societal topics to invest in or avoid? We have a solution for that too. Just want a professional to try to optimize your long-term outlook without any other decision points? We have that too.

There are roughly 70,000 pages of law, rulings, and federal opinions on taxes. When you invest with The Financial Planning Co. you’ll get a portfolio that is constructed with an eye towards (legally) avoiding as much as possible the future tax ramifications that would otherwise be due. Tactics such as Asset Location, Tax-Loss Harvesting, Tax-Gain Harvesting, and more will be implemented on your behalf.