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Certified Financial Planner™ 


Personal Financial Planning

Why Plan Your Financial Future?

Cleaning up results in looking good and feeling good too. This is as true in your finances as it is in your home, your vehicle, or your wardrobe. A comprehensive plan is part technical analysis, it’s true, but it’s also part organization and tidying up.


A financial planning expert can provide technical expertise, based off of both experience and education, that most non-financial professionals just don’t possess. An effective financial plan will introduce you to money growing and money saving opportunities that you perhaps didn’t even know existed.

There are many villains out there trying to make your future self poorer than you need to be: Uncle Sam, Bear Markets, Snake-Oil Salesmen, and the Joneses, to name a few.

A financial plan created by a Certified Financial Planner™ can help defend against these various forms of financial growth enemies.

“The What”

Personalized Financial Planning


Financial planning at The Financial Planning Co. is conducted with a two-fold approach.

First, your Financial Planner will conduct a clinical-like analysis of your situation and then couple it with prescriptive advice for improvement, making you well aware of areas of your financial life that require attention.

Additionally, your goals are taken into account and a plan is put together to best achieve them. These goals will differ from person to person and will be stated by you. Want to retire in a certain time-frame? You’ll receive advice on how much to save, where to save, how to invest, and what to be aware of. Perhaps you’re trying to create a plan for paying off a specific form of debt? You’ll receive advice, along with the pros of cons of various approaches in doing so. You name the goal, we’ll help you accomplish it.

Your situation, lifestyle, and circumstances are unique, and the appropriate rigor will be applied in creating a truly personalized plan.